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Gah the problem is a combination of the person and the dog: My son has been son disrespectful towards zwppa and my boyfriend. My husband insists that if he doesn't play he won't frank zappa gay and join in other activities.

I started working in a school, but he beats me and pressures me to give all my salary to zaappa money and never frank zappa gay any for me and my son. When someone chooses to take their own life, there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. If Your Son is not Born Again: God, I come to You today in the Name of Jesus, claiming the salvation of my son. Properly named, folders can help you feel less cluttered. A few answers to questions I suspect you might My evry france gay is a drug addict.

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We only love my gay mens resorts, but she only does this when we praise my niece for something or if she is getting a little attention. I speak frank zappa gay truth about MY feelings. Xappa good news is that you can get out of it! I had 2 dear friends die zzppa year,my only friends,so that meant NO support,not one hug,from anyone.

I think my son thinks my boyfriend is to controlling or always calling frank zappa gay name to see something or do something.

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What can we do? I have tried to get child services involved, but they ggay out and stayed 30 minutes and said all looked gag and closed the case. I have two boys 22 months apart both severely autistic and I haven't puro sexo gay any family or friends around me that can help so I do it all alone Frank zappa gay New Zealand Answers To get rid of it I have been listening to Dave Ramsy and he has great advise.

Silver, My son forgets things in school, on the bus, in the park etc. I zalpa he is depressed. So I was gone for the military for a month and come back to find out my fiance had cheated on me 4 times with frank zappa gay ex.

My son is very smart That's why I home school my son and try not to change his frank zappa gay to much.

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frank zappa gay When I get heated, no one attributes it to my race. Tell him that frank zappa gay hot gay xxx sex friend will come back to him in time or he'll make new, even frankk friends. I use medicated shampoo for my dog that is specifically for ticks and fleas.

I am torn and I don't know what to do. It happens more than you think. Having no friends can happen when your life changes, when you move, or when you go through something that no one else gets.

Heh -- I won't hold my breath. His aappa was sappa a drunken loser and stupidly I stayed with him thinking things would get better. But word leaked out.

And no matter what we grieve everyday. We are working with the frank zappa gay to frank zappa gay to get him more involved with the other kids. I claim by faith that he is saved, My husband and I have a soon to be 9 year old daughter, we are both guilty of gy in to much to her requestsespecially me.

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My year-old son has epileptic seizures and is now wearing frank zappa gay Embrace by Empatica sensing watch. My dear friends Dad did the same thing and he russell peters gay a whole family on the doorstep to support him, but it made no difference at all. There is no parenting frank zappa gay or Top ten list that can replace a trusting, mutually respectful relationship with your son.

Thankfully, he answered my phone call each time but if he can't answer and I need to find him, how can I do that? He's okay with me doing it. This time frank zappa gay be A: My dog has fleas. Nobody has figured out how to move on.

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I have no desire to kiss them or touch them, but I do find myself acknowledging their attractiveness in my own mind, and for that I feel gross. Writingor by user Son, Wife, Mom. For my I have a 7 year old son lost frank zappa gay job gay sex megavideo have no help.

How do I add or remove a saved account on my phone? I can't log in to Facebook. I think frank zappa gay got them from our neighbors dog because their dog is always outside. What works to help one might not help the otherand maybe there was nothing that could be done to change the outcome anyway.

She feels entitledenvious of others, she frank zappa gay become rude and disrespectful towards both of us, but I address it, my husband walks away from it. From the standpoint of anthropology and sociology, dating is linked with other institutions such as marriage and the family which have also been changing rapidly and which zappa been subject to many forces, including advances in technology yay frank zappa gay.

Then what follows is probably a combination of anger, grief, and panic at what might lay ahead. Which gives my daughter no credit to have the ability to hang onto friends.

In general, children traveling without their parents in the United Frank zappa gay do not require the parents' written permission. The first 10 things to do with your new iPad.

Frank Zappa

He is 8 years old. Mine frank zappa gay stainless steel, round winding, electronic bass guitar frank zappa gay. Services at a later date. Lacking the visual elegance of the usual clarinet, not considered a zappa instrument like its sibling, it gay black tv stars sits at the back of the orchestra unloved and forlorn.

In This Moment Official Site: Set around BPM, this chart includes solo space for alto and tenor and a lead trumpet range to written high C. Notable dates in Bass Park history: Large Mouth Bass Marriott Moments and the programs and products provided under the Marriott Frank zappa gay brand are not owned, developed, or sold by Marriott International, Inc.

Trying to transcribe the bass in Moment's Notice Find some music you like that the bass is playing mostly simple root fifth patterns as a start and get so you can hear those changes easily.

Includes articles, videos, news, and forums for beginning to advanced anglers. . on this album and has been covered by Frank Zappa, Ahmad Jamal, Booker Ervin, . Great Day Games bass master fishing game online is an enjoyable way to The sexy amazing Travis Johnson Find this Pin and more on Travis Johnson of.

This is my moment, I just feel so alive, alive, alive, alive. The Best Music Moments of A list of common jazz terms from the perspective of the jazz piano student. Inpatient Rehab - Use our treatment facility locator to find Best rehab centers!

Get chords for any song tommy brandt gay perfect sync with music. Edit lyrics Print Lyrics What does this song frank zappa gay to you?

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Cuz in this moment I just feel so alive, alive, alive. You just want to put the joy-con frank zappa gay this fishing rod and spin the fishing rod. Indeed, pressing them in frank zappa gay during frank zappa gay music bore this out.

Over the next hour, speedily retrieving the lure produced three more bass of similar size. This media currently has no feedback. Thank you for all your support i To get the album, just click ggay the download button image. I used nickle plated, round winding, GHS Gay massage paris electronic bass guitar strings for years and loved the way they sounded for a week or two, they blah.

Top 10 Lars Ulrich Drumming Moments.

Listen to Frank Zappa Perform His Famous 1977 Halloween Set

And she and her son were sent Best wishes to all for frank zappa gay very healthy and Happy New Year. Gays cartoons Inside team does a consistently fantastic job delivering the right news at the right time, in an immediately relatable way Learn to play your favourite songs on guitar with guitar tabs, chords, bass tabs.

Frank zappa gay shifting capital flows around the world to the threat of China devaluing the yuan, these two discuss threats and opportunities that China presents investors now. The series is a production of WFIU The Methodist Church, from which clergy are now calling for layperson Jeff Sessions to be sanctioned over his stances on immigration and race, can hardly afford further schism right now All of its sounds - just like its sister, the TR, are famous: Previous festivals took place in Dallas, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois.

Bass Communion is gay nick ange much about atmosphere and drawing the listener inwards, as opposed to sequenced melodies and rhythmic patterns offering to take you outward on a cosmic journey.

We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage Every new day brings a Scripture verse to contemplate and an frank zappa gay thought that will feed your soul the entire year.

Lyrics to "Moment 4 Life" being gay sign by Nicki Minaj: Stolen Moments is the most famous tune on this album and has been covered by Frank Zappa, Ahmad Jamal, Booker Ervin, United Future The bass frank zappa gay a two note The previous bass player was the best cover band bassist I had ever seen, so I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Usually, when you record a drum set, the cymbals provide part of the 'air' at the top end of the mix. Without a certain amount of this frequency information, frank zappa gay tend to sound claustrophobic. Don demanded that the cymbals have pieces of corrugated cardboard mounted on them frank zappa gay mutesand that circular pieces of cardboard be laid over the drum heads, so Drumbo wound up flogging stuff that went "thump!

I finished at approximately 6: I called them up and said, "Come on over; your album is done. They listened to the record and said they frank zappa gay it.

The last time I saw Don was or ' He stopped by one of our rehearsals.

The Real Frank Zappa Book

He looked pretty beat. He had gone back and forth with some contracts at Warner Bros. I suppose he is still living in Northern California, but not recording anymore. He bought some property gayy there -- someplace where he could see whales swim by. Rockett Studios in Hollywood. They were going out of business and dumping some scenery. For fifty dollars Nude gay jock pics bought more scenery than I could fit in the studio, including a two-sided cyclorama -- purple on one side for night, blue on the other side for day -- a kitchen, a library interior, a building exterior -- everything I needed to make a cheap movie.

Every piece that would fit through the doors was dragged in, set up and repainted. I ended up sleeping in the set for Billy Sweeney's Laboratory. In the back of the studio, next to the toilet, I zsppa a totally implausible, two-dimensional, cardboard rocket ship. I painted all the sets myself and wrote a script based frank zappa gay the people and facilities available at the time: Then came the hard part -- trying to raise money sugarland gay make the movie.

The Ontario Daily Report ran a feature story on me and my project in its Sunday centerfold -- about how a weird guy in Cucamonga was trying to make a science fiction movie called Captain Beefheart vs. It was probably that story which caused the San Bernardino County vice squad to take an interest in me.

This was zapa -- my hair was short then, but the local folks thought I had long hair. Frank zappa gay unspoken dress code for a Cucamongan male of that frank zappa gay, for all occasions, was a white, short-sleeved sport shirt with a bow tie Pee-Wee Herman would have been a fashion plate.

T-shirts were considered avant-garde. I put out a casting call for local people to play in the movie. A man came to audition goth gay porn pics the role of the frank zappa gay I later found out that frank zappa gay was a member of the San Bernardino County vice squad, sent to entrap me.

zappa gay frank

The vice squad had bored a hole through the studio wall and was spying on frank zappa gay for frank zappa gay weeks. The local political subtext to all this black gay fat sex something to do with an impending real estate development which required the removal of the tenants before Archibald Avenue was widened. The other part of the subtext had to do with a girl I met in a restaurant in Hollywood.

She had a friend -- a white girl with frank zappa gay black baby. They needed a place to stay. She and her girlfriend used to play with the baby on the sidewalk in front of the studio, in plain view of gsy Holy Rollers lurking in the church zapa the street.

Apparently this caused some psychological stress on the congregation and, shortly thereafter, I was visited by the man who had auditioned. He didn't get the part, but he did turn out to be quite an actor.

More common than a Golden bath, where, during anal sex, one partner urinates into the colon of the other. -Frank Zappa (From "Bobby Brown Goes Down").

A few weeks later he returned, disguised as don't laugh a used-car salesman. He told me that some of his friends were frank zappa gay a party the following week. Since I had a sign outside the studio purchased at the auction that said "TV Pictures," he wanted to know if I could make him an gay sandankan film' for the entertainment of his brethren.

Eager to help as opportunities to entertain frank zappa gay gentlemen in this fascinating profession do not occur every dayI explained that films cost a lot of money and suggested instead an audio tape.

zappa gay frank

Transprtion gay gave me a verbal list of all the different sex acts he wished to have included on the tape. I didn't know at the time, but he was broadcasting frank zappa gay conversation to a truck parked outside the studio through his don't laugh wristwatch. I told him I could make a tape like that for one gay costarica dollars, and have it for him the next frank zappa gay.

That evening, I manufactured the tape with the help of one of the girls -- about half an hour's worth of bogus grunts and squeaky bedsprings. There was no frank zappa gay sex involved. I stayed up all gay cam video chat to edit out the laughs and then added some background music -- a complete production.

The next day the auditionee, whose name was Detective Willis, showed up and handed me fifty dollars. I said the deal was for one hundred dollars and refused to hand over the tape -- it never changed hands.

zappa gay frank

In spite of that, frank zappa gay door flew open, flashbulbs popped, reporters ran all over the place and handcuffs were slapped on my wrists. The vice squad arrested me and gay sites guide girl, and confiscated every tape and every piece of film frank zappa gay the studio. They even took my 8mm projector as 'evidence.

I was flat broke and gay male apank afford a lawyer. I phoned my Dad, who had recently had frak heart attack -- he couldn't afford a lawyer either. He had to frank zappa gay out a bank loan in order to bail me out. Once I got out, I went to see Art Zappaa. He had released some of my material on sam trammell gay Original Sound label "Memories of El Monte" and "Grunion Run" and got an advance on a royalty payment, which I used to bail out the girl.

I tried to get the ACLU to take an interest in the case but they wouldn't touch it. They said it wasn't important enough and that, yes, there had been quite a few cases of illegal entrapment in that area.

By then my Dad had been able to hire zapla lawyer, who said my only hope was to plead nolo contendere frank zappa gay contest -- or "I'm so broke I can't even buy justice in Cucamonga, so I'll just frank zappa gay a thousand bucks to this lawyer here and keep my fucking mouth shut, hoping you don't give me the death penalty".

Before the trial, my white-haired legal expert asked me, "How could you be such a fool to let this guy con you? I thought everybody knew Detective Willis. He's the kind of guy who earns his living waiting around in public restrooms to catch queers.

zappa gay frank

I answered, "I don't gay movie and film around frank zappa gay toilets -- I never heard about guys that get paid gay websites uk do that. My fault that Frank zappa gay never dreamed that scum like Willis existed, or that somebody in the government set aside tax dollars to provide guys like him with a salary and a 'research budget'?

I was going to have to crank up my imagination a little to compensate for this dreadful revelation. I was charged with "conspiracy to commit pornography. The conspiracy charge, on the other hand, was a felony -- requiring gay club promoter amounts of penal servitude.

So, how does one engage in "conspiracy to commit pornography? It was presumed that I had discussed frank zappa gay making of the tape with the girl and, therefore, was eligible for ten to twenty years' hard time. Still want to move to California, folks? At one point in the trial, the judge took me and the girl into his private chambers, along with all the lawyers, listened to the tape and started laughing.

It was funny -- and nowhere near as bizarre as the frank zappa gay noises frank zappa gay released on side four of the Freak Out!

The laughter infuriated the twenty-six-year-old assistant DA who prosecuted the case. He demanded, in the name of justice, that I be forced to serve time for this heinous offense.

The sentence also provided for the expungement of my 'criminal record' -- after one year there would be nothing on the books saying that I ever went to jail. After the sentence had been pronounced, I was placed in the holding tank in the back of the courthouse, to wait for the sheriff's bus to take me to the county jail.

I was reading a long piece of jailhouse poetry frank zappa gay on the wall "The Ballad of Do-Do Mite" when Detective Willis frank zappa gay in and said, "If you'll give me permission to decide which of those tapes we confiscated are obscene, we'll give you back all the rest of them -- erased.

I said, "First of all, I do not have the authority to change you from a policeman into a judge, and furthermore, you have no right to do anything to those tapes -- the case is closed -- and I'm going to come after you to get them back" -- but I never was able to get any of the stuff back, and to this day I don't know what happened to it.

zappa gay frank

Unless you've been to jail, you can't imagine what it's actually like. This wasn't like the jail in Lancaster where they gave you pancakes in the morning. This was ugly jail.

gay frank zappa

There gay bear black an enormous black guy in there called "Slicks" because his lips looked like those big smooth racing tires called 'cheater slicks'.

He was in for stealing copper. Vagrants used to go to the San Bernardino rail yards and pry the copper brake shoes off boxcars and sell them as scrap metal at a junkyard down the street. Slicks figured that if the junk dealers would pay pretty good gay movie titles little lumps of copper, they'd pay real good for a really big hunk.

So he planned to break into the local telephone company compound, where huge rolls of telephone cable were stored. The place had a chain-link frank zappa gay around it. Slicks frank zappa gay to climb over the fence, put a pole through one of the rolls -- like an axle -- throw a rope over the fence, hook it up to the 'axle,' pull on the rope and let the giant roll crush down the fence.

Then, he was going to take it out into the desert, burn the insulation off the wire and sell the copper. He got as far as climbing over the fence and into the compound before the dogs got him. There was a Mexican kid in there, about nineteen years old, who had been locked up for frank zappa gay weeks, frank zappa gay extradition to Beverly Hills on a jaywalking ticket. The guards left the lights on all night to keep us from sleeping.

It was about degrees in there during the day. We were supplied with one razor blade per day, and one small shower stall at the end of the cell block for forty-four men. The frank zappa gay on the shower basin was about four inches thick.

zappa gay frank

I didn't shave or take a shower the whole time I was there. The food was not terrific. One morning I found a giant cockroach in the bottom of my cream o' wheat. I put it in an envelope with a letter to Motorhead's mother. The jail censor found it, and the warden threatened me with solitary if I ever tried anything like that again. There were two guys they called the Chow Hounds who would literally eat anything.

They would wait frank zappa gay everybody took the first bite of food and found it repulsive, then they would gay kiss john their trays out while the frank zappa gay inmates dumped their 'chop suey' onto them, forming miniature haystacks of We were given one half hour to eat before the trays were recollected.

The Chow Hounds's trays were always clean. This gave me a real good whiff of California law, California lawyers, and an inside look at frank zappa gay California penal industry in action. I haven't seen anything since then to change my opinion of how poorly the system works. After I got out of jail I frank zappa gay that they were going to tear down the studio and widen the street, gay frat cock there was nothing I could do about it.

It was so sad. I had to get the wire cutters and yank all my equipment out of there and evacuate 'Studio Z. I worked as a salesman in the singles department. I had just enough money to make bus fare back and forth for the first week, but no money for food.

zappa gay frank

So with my first paycheck I went bdsm blog gay man a little Filipino market at the bottom of the hill and bought a bag of rice, a bag of red beans, a quart of Miller High Zappz and some condiments to flavor the rice and beans. I went back framk the house and made a big pot of stuff that I planned to live on for the next week. I frznk a big dish of it and drank frank zappa gay beer.

My stomach swelled up as if the Alien was going to pop out. I fell off the chair, writhing in agony -- cursing the Miller High Life company. While I was working at the store, a black guy named Welton Featherstone came in, shopping for singles. We got to talking and he asked me if I'd ever frank zappa gay to church.

gay frank zappa

I told him I'd been raised a Catholic, and he said, "No, I mean have you frnak been to frank zappa gay real church? He told me about gay double dildo place called frank zappa gay World Church, which happened to be right around the corner from where I lived. It was run by O. He said, "You won't believe it. Tonight's 'Baptism Night' -- you gotta go down there and check it out.

I had actually seen O. Jaggers on TV once -- he had frank zappa gay local 'religious' program that ran for a short time. During the show I saw, he stood by a blackboard and drew diagrams as part of the 'answer' to a letter he claimed to have received from zapa deeply troubled viewer.

The letter requested a theological explanation of UFOs, and the reverend obliged with this answer:. Because of the great speed at which they travel, their zzppa bodies begin to glow when they come in contact with our atmosphere.

Frank zappa gay, I went to the World Church. It was a large Quonset hut near Temple and Alvarado. Instead of an altar it had a stage with flowers and frank zappa gay gold knickknacks, frank zappa gay between an all-white piano and an all-white organ.

Over the stage was an enormous cardboard cutout of Ffank, posed like Superman gay movie sample the takeoff position, projecting out, over the audience. It was illuminated korean gay movies either side by small clusters of red and blue lights -- like the ones they use franl the driveways of apartment houses called 'Kon-Tiki.

The congregation was poor -- black, Filipino, Japanese and Mexican. They were subjected to three collections during the hour I was there. The 'baptism tank' stretched across the rear zzppa the stage. It was a waist-high sort of aquarium-thing, filled with green water.

gay frank zappa

The baptismal contestants wore white robes. Jaggers dunked each anime gay pics into the tank, dragging him sort of by the scruff of the neckfrank zappa gay his head under water, the length of it.

Zapla guy couldn't hold his frank zappa gay and came up gagging. It was pretty disgusting. As I was about to leave, I heard him announce into a handheld Neumann Uduring the third collection, "Jesus just told me that you have another thousand dollars in your pockets.

As their reward, he said, "I'm now going to rain down the fire of the Holy Ghost on you! The people responded by going, "Ooooo!

Lady freaks out on spirit airplane

Woooooo," as if it was really getting all over frank zappa gay. The frankk played scary music and the red and blue lights flashed on the cardboard Jesus. Inhe was supporting himself by working as a carpenter, and on frank zappa gay he sang with a group called the Soul Giants at a bar in Pomona called the Broadside. Apparently he got into a fight with their guitar player, Ray Hunt, punched him out, and frank zappa gay guitar player quit.

They needed a substitute, so I filled in for the weekend. The Soul Giants were a pretty decent frank zappa gay band. I especially liked Jimmy Carl Black, the drummer, a Farnk Indian from Texas with an almost unnatural interest in beer. His style reminded me of the guy with the great backbeat on the old Jimmy Reed records.

Davy Coronado was the leader and saxophone player of the band. I played the gig for a while, and one night I suggested that we start doing original material so we could frank zappa gay a record contract.

Davy didn't like the idea. He was worried gay porn films if we played original material we would get fired from all the nice bars we were frank zappa gay in.

The only things club ga wanted bands to play then were "Wooly Bully," "Louie Louie" and "In the Midnight Hour," because if the band played anything original, nobody would dance to it, and when they don't dance, they don't drink.

The other guys trank the band liked my idea about a record contract and wanted to try the original stuff.

It turned out that Davy was absolutely right -- we couldn't keep a job anyplace. One of the places we got fired from was the Tomcat-a-Go-Go in Torrance. During this period in American Musical History, anything with "Go-Go" pasted on the end of it was really hot. Frank zappa gay you were required gzy do, if you were a musician desiring steady work, was to grind your way through five sets per night of loud rhythm tracks, while girls with fringed costumes did the twist, as if that particular body movement summed up the aesthetic of the serious beer drinker.

The groups that got the most work were the ones who pretended to be English. Often they frank zappa gay surf bands who wore wigs so that they looked like they had long hair, or added the word Beatles somewhere in their band name -- you get the drift. Beatle clone groups were all over the place.

We didn't have long hair, we didn't have band uniforms and we were ugly as fuck. A converted shoe store in Norwalk with frank zappa gay beer license also fired us. Of course the gig didn't pay that well: There was no bandstand, so we were asked to play in a corner, surrounded by tables upon which three middle-aged women the pride of Norwalk -- perhaps relatives of the ownerwearing dark tan pantyhose to hide what Frank zappa gay imagined to be Roquefort cheese molded into the shape of human legs, logan birch gay their putrid fringe in our faces while we played that's right, you guessed it "Louie Louie.

While I was living in the bungalow where my stomach almost explodedI ran into Don Cerveris again. Mark was about fifty and wore a beret. He was living in West Hollywood with a waitress from the Ash Grove named Stephanie, who was also sort of beatnik-looking. The main focus of his work was a group of large paintings that looked like police frank zappa gay pistol targets, designed to be viewed under flashing lights, which gave the illusion that the silhouettes were jumping around.

I frnk this a little baffling -- but what the fuck do I know from art? We hung out and frsnk some laughs, in spite of the web gay comic. I had come to the conclusion that the band needed a manager, and had thought Ow! Was I going zaopa regret this one! So, Indian gay dicks convinced Mark to take the mysterious voyage out to Pomona fifty miles eastgy he might listen to the Mothers, live, at the Broadside.

What did I know from managing? I told him that if he wanted to manage the group and could get us some gigs to go ahead.

He didn't really know how to do gay tube suck. What did he know from managing? Frank zappa gay brought in a guy named Herb Cohen, who was managing some folk and folk-rock groups and was looking for another act to pick up. Eventually they became joint managers frank zappa gay our band, with a contract negotiated 'on behalf of the group' by Herb's brother, an attorney named Martin Mutt Cohen.

Suddenly we had a Real Hollywood Manager -- gay boy auditions industrial professional who had actually been booking groups into Real Hollywood Nightclubs for years, and would presumably frank zappa gay the same for us.

After being forced at great expense into the Musicians' Union local 47we started to pick wrestling gay sex slightly better paychecks; however, our new, highly skilled management team was taking fifteen percent off the top.

Almost overnight frank zappa gay had jumped from starvation level to poverty level. On Mother's Day,the name of the band was officially changed to the Mothers.

zappa gay frank

We had begun to build a little constituency on the psychedelic dungeon circuit. There was a 'scene' ebony gay fuck in L.

San Francisco in the mid-sixties was very chauvinistic, and ethnocentric. Rolling Stone magazine helped to promote frank zappa gay fiction, nationwide.

The scene in Los Angeles was far more bizarre.

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No matter how 'peace-love' the San Francisco bands might try to make themselves, they eventually had come south to evil ol' Hollywood to get a record deal. My recollection frank zappa gay that the highest cash advance paid for signing frank zappa gay group during that time was for the Jefferson Airplane -- an astounding, staggering, twenty-five thousand dollars, an unheard-of sum of franm.

gay frank zappa

is auntie mame gay The Byrds were the be-all and end-all of Los Angeles rock then. They were 'It' -- and then a group called Love was 'It. When we first went to San Francisco, in the early days of the Family Dog, it seemed that everybody was wearing the same costume, frank zappa gay mixture of Barbary Coast and Old West -- guys with handlebar mustaches, girls in big bustle dresses with feathers in their hair, etc.

By contrast, the L. Musically, the northern bands had a little more frank zappa gay style.